Our Mission

Breaking chains.

We dedicate ourselves to create an environment that runs on a self-perpetuating operating system in such a way that the underprivileged in this world can realize their true potential and thereby scale unimaginable heights in every walk of human life. We believe that this objective can be achieved by marshalling all the available resources without inflicting pain. We have strong faith in individual’s and community’s collective potential to break the chains. Honestly, we have no time to wait for our liberators. 

Our Story

The idea of Swaero started in the weirdest circumstances in the state of Telangana of India. It was the result of intense interaction in Khammam district with a random group of about hundred youngsters from the formerly untouchable communities in India in one evening who are the products of state run welfare institutions in the year 2012 by Dr R.S. Praveen Kumar, one of the founders of this network. To his shock, he discovered that most of them were either jobless or employed as sanitation workers or other poorly paid professionals. Their calls for help fell in deaf ears everywhere. They were innocently waiting for a liberator who can alleviate their pain. In further digging, it was also discovered that many of them were psychologically divided into castes and sub-castes and working against each other.  This was enough to give birth to an idea of bringing them together under a new identity and with a new ideology.

After days of brainstorming with all the stakeholders, it was decided to name this new identity as SWAERO. SW then stood for Social Welfare (now State Welfare) and AERO stood as a symbol of air and sky. It was realized immediately that mere changing of identity wouldn’t change the way people live their lives. Then all the founding members brainstormed for days under the leadership of Dr Praveen Kumar and created a code of conduct which is now popularly called as Ten Commandments (not to be confused with the ten commandments in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible).



Ever since the unveiling of this identity, the trajectory of neglected social welfare residential educational institutions turned upwards. With quality education in the center, hundreds and thousands of students, parents, and teachers started adopting this identity voluntarily and there by gradually changing the way they live. This identity turned out to be so powerful that it placed a modest, but gutsy tribal girl, Poorna Malavath on the peak of Mount Everest who turned out to be the youngest ever female to have achieved such feat in the history. Anand Kumar her accomplice in the same expedition turned out to be the first boy from formerly untouchable background to have scaled the same peak and placing the photographs of Dr Ambedkar, the doyen of social justice and architect of Indian Constitution on the summit along with SR Sankaran, an activist-bureaucrat who dedicated his life for the emancipation of marginalized sections of the society in India. This historic achievement triggered an explosion of confidence among  the poor not only in the Telugu speaking states, but also the neighboring states in India. Be it emerging successful in national level exams, sailing in the oceans, diving from the sky, entering into the prestigious universities in India, Swaeroes continued to soar despite the shackles. And this saga of success continues even today and will continue across the time and space.


Our Deeds

Swaeroes deeply believe that the journey of self-liberation must start with education. Education doesn’t necessarily mean improving literacy but also critically understanding the world around us. We believe that the poor and dispossessed must actively seek and grab every opportunity that can help them jump into the next best orbit. All our activities in this phase revolve around learning. Be it converting every home as school or sending the students to the world’s best institutions, swaeroes leave no stone unturned. We intend to involve every stakeholder responsible for shaping up a citizen in this transformation. Be it parents, teachers, youth, communities, media, employees, and the peer groups. We utilize every physical and psychological space that is open for experimentation in liberating people from self-imposed slavery. We don’t hate any ethnicity or religion or belief system in reclaiming what has been robbed from us. We hope to learn from and work with every faith as long as it helps us push our civilization forward with a sense of equality and justice. We welcome support from anyone who genuinely believes that everyone in this world is endowed with talent and deserves equal opportunity. As on today our journey started in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu speaking states of Indian sub-continent.

Besides education, we also focus on health as it is the most important parameter that impacts both learning and earning. We believe and promote healthy way of living that drastically reduces the medical interventions. Medical intervention must be only a last resort, but not the first and obvious response to the extent possible. Fit India Foundation and Lifeline League are the organizations that are spearheading this effort salutary effort on the ground. Our ultimate goal is to increase the lifespan of the poor by intensive community effort.

Poor remain dependent because they are denied opportunities to stand on their own legs. They are made to believe and live a life of perpetual dependence as a wage earner. Swaero ideology want to depart from this position and make them as self-employed and job-givers. This requires acquisition of new language and habits.  A massive effort is underway to make this language of wealth available to every deprived household in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states of India. A modest beginning has already been made and hundreds of alumni of welfare residential institutions. From Chai to Taiichi, we have very self-disciplined members of our network making rapid strides. We hope to learn from the experience of many communities and organizations in this world who are on the similar trajectory and emerge as a responsible and conscientious self-sufficient entity. On the similar lines of protestants, Jews, Mormons, and Marwaris we agree that money must not be wasted when it should, instead be saved and invested. To promote our network is encouraging many legally authorized thrift and credit entities like SMACCS to promote the habit of saving so that such community capital can be useful to those who are in the real need of capital for self-employment ventures.

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